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Embodied Carbon Accountancy

Our embodied carbon accountancy (ECA) service enables us to assist clients evaluate the embodied carbon footprint of projects from the outset between strategic definition of an asset to its end of life stage.

About Embodied Carbon Accountancy

As organisations strive to play their part in reducing carbon and
achieving net-zero emissions, Cost Management advisors will play a
critical role in advising on the best strategies to reduce carbon emissions
while mitigating cost impact. Our cost management skills ensure that we
are well placed and positioned to assist the client from an early stage to
agree the KPI’s and project objectives in relation to carbon.

The value-add from our embodied carbon accountancy service management expertise

Our approach ensures that all elements of each project are carefully
planned and that risks are identified, quantified, and mitigated. We also
ensure that there is stakeholder alignment at all data points throughout
the lifecycle of a project.
To find out how Linesight’s Embodied Carbon Accountancy Service can help
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Linesight offers unique expertise that can help our clients to reduce their GHG impact

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Linesight’s 5 stage process will ensure that both your New Build and Retrofits are carried out to the highest standards.

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