Diversity and Inclusion (DE&I)

We understand that a truly diverse, inclusive workplace has a positive impact on every aspect of our business and world, we are striving to make our teams as diverse as the communities we work within. Diversity and inclusion is a critical strategic initiative within Linesight and a key focus for our global teams and our Executive Board of Management.

Employee Voice

Employee Voice

Creating safe forums and ways in which to listen to our teams is key to understanding the diverse communities within our offices. In each of our regions of operation, we have DE&I Regional Champions who are connected at a local level to our teams. Our Champions organize and facilitate a range of Employee Voice Forums which we use to inform our policies and improve our workplace. They also host local DE&I groups and events which foster and promote DE&I initiatives and values.

Understanding and education

Understanding and education

How we connect and understand each other forms the basis of our relationships, and as a relationship based business we see this as a key element to driving our DE&I strategy. Learning programs, story sharing and themed events which build awareness and educate our teams are ways in which we build understanding and educate our people.

 Policy and practice

Policy and practice

Creating policy that builds and protects our teams is fundamental to driving change, as it governs the way in which we attract and keep our people. We work to ensure our policies consider every member of the team in an equal way, provide the same opportunities and align with global best practice.

DE&I at Linesight

We are building a diverse and inclusive organization founded on the basis of having a safe culture which enables all of our people to be their true selves. Our culture is what makes us different. It defines us, it guides us in how we behave, it energizes us and motivates our teams. We are a people business and relationships within our teams and with our clients are hugely important to us. We recognize that without diversity we cannot be a diverse organization and we strive for balance in every one of our offices around the world.

To create and foster this culture and provide our teams and industry peers with evidence of our progress, three core DE&I pillars have been identified to focus our strategy.

DE&I forums and groups

We are a relationship based organization and building relationships with people from different cultures, often many different cultures, is key in building diverse communities in our workplace. We understand that in order to work with people from different cultural groups effectively, we need to build strong and caring relationships based on trust, understanding, and shared goals. Our Cultures Connected forum is a conscious initiative focused on helping our teams build relationships with people from other cultures. These connections are established and developed through a range of cultural based activities hosted by our Regional Champions. Activities include cultural themed events, story sharing sessions, webinars and insight articles related to cultural differences. 

Women at Linesight is a global network that provides formal and informal mentoring, training and relationship building opportunities for our female workforce. Supporting each other to achieve together, our women-focused programs educate, develop and nurture our female workforce to help them reach their potential. With participation levels in the industry historically low, the Women in Linesight initiative strives to advance parity for women in our workforce and society.  

The LGBTQIA+ Network which we call PRISM, brings together LGBTQIA+ team members to ensure gender identity equality across our organization. It also provides mentorship and support at a local level to every member. The network promotes awareness both internally and externally through a range of activities including; newsletters, events and partnerships within local communities on a range of LGBTQIA+ Network issues. 

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